South Street Seaport

Having seen the near extinction of low-rise buildings in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, the Washington Street Advocacy Group is highly attuned to threats to other historic parts of Lower Manhattan. The South Street Seaport is considered one of the most endangered historic districts in the nation due to efforts by the Howard Hughes Corporation to build skyscrapers and monopolize the district as a quasi theme park similar to Hudson Yards. In late 2020, Howard Hughes proposed building dual 470-foot towers in the South Street Seaport historic district, contradicting long-time precedents in preservation.

The Washington Street Advocacy Group supported efforts by the Seaport Coalition to tell their story in the press and helped spread the word among activists. On Tuesday, January 12, the Commission declined to approve the Howard Hughes proposal, returning the matter to the drawing board. Advocates will need to explore alternatives and respond to any next move by Howard Hughes.

See the website of the Seaport Coalition for more information about these campaigns:

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